Safe, secure, seamless bank deposits.

Checks are scanned once in the app and deposited electronically to your bank.

Need a bank? Our clients enjoy access to our extensive network of MSB-friendly banks.

OFAC? AML? KYC? We've got you covered.

Automatic OFAC/SDN verification on every check lets you stay compliant.

Remote approval lets your corporate team perform its due diligence.

Configurable business rules and alerts for new and existing agents, customers, and issuers help you manage risk.

Let's talk speed.

CheckBit automatically extracts issuer, client, and check information from every check you scan. Even if the check is handwritten.

New customers. Repeat customers. It doesn't matter. Transactions are lightning quick.

A back office built to scale.

Grant users access, set up new agents, define commissions, approve transactions, view reports, and so much more...

Deployed in the cloud and designed to control every aspect of your operation so you're never out of touch with your business.

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